The relationship with
the American Association for Respiratory Care

The affiliation with American Respiratory Therapists, established since 2002 in the of joint affiliation between ARIR and AARC, has given the opportunity to our Association to grow with a model to be imitated in aspects useful to our reality and to strengthen our identity of respiratory physiotherapists that in some aspects is different from the one of Respiratory Therapists working in the US. From this joint affiliation is born the six-monthly periodical ARIR Selection from Respiratory Care and AARC Time, still published in digital ed by our Association with free access for associate members. Thanks to the collaboration with AARC we had the opportunity to participate in theInternational Council for Respiratory Care (ICRC) with our Governors, first Sergio Zuffo who, after many years of honorable service, passed the role to Simone Gambazza. In recent years, our two Governors, together with many other members of our Association, have taked part in the annual congresses of the AARC and the meetings of the ICRC, reporting about the developments of our Association and the results we have achieved over the years. This collaboration has also allowed us to take part in the translation work of some practical handbook guides, useful for clinical practice, that can be found on our website free of charge for our members.